bDollar Protocol


Dear community,
As our project and community grow faster and stronger, there are many integrations of the bEarn ecosystem that we have released and will do more in the future. However, along with the growth, there is an issue raising within our team and community: the absence of a dashboard for any investment in bEarn Fi!
Hence, we would like to introduce bFolio — the only tool you need to browse to manage your asset!
What is bFolio?
bFolio is a smart yield farming dashboard focusing on monitoring your profit performance throughout our whole platform and other partners. With bFolio, you can get all the relevant information at one glance, no more browsing to different links. More important, bFolio is a great tool for you to calculate the complicated impermanent loss when investing in bEarn Fi and other projects.
What can I monitor on bFolio?
For the initial launch we integrate the following:
  • bDollar
  • bVaults
  • CarrotCake
  • MidasDollar
  • Soups
  • PancakeSwap
  • MidasGold
  • ValueDefi
  • WantanMee
  • Alpaca
In addition, users could propose and vote for the next projects to be added to bFolio!
What about data security?
We take privacy seriously. We DO NOT store any data neither ask for user’s information. You don’t need to sign-up or register with us, we fetch the available data from the blockchain and, even on the first interaction with our website.
How does bFolio work?
  • Access the link:
  • Enter your BSC wallet address
  • Click on each feature and your data will be displayed in details
What is coming next?
bEarn team has been working day and night to integrate more features of bFolio, including:
For users:
  • Find better Yield with your Token (or LP Token)
  • Alert new project(s)
For projects:
  • Add your project to track
  • API for integration on your side