bDollar Protocol


bDollar Improvement Proposal 04


DAO Fund & bVault incentive & MKT

Motivation: The DAO fund has proved its efficiency to help the BDO price back to $1 peg in the last two contractions. However, as the project is growing rapidly, we need to strengthen the DAO fund to help stabilize the BDO price better and, fund operations of the project.
bVaults is the newest released product of bEarn.Fi eco. It is the first and most advanced yield-farming aggregators on BSC that generate yield based on opportunities present in the market automatically. The‌ ‌focus‌ ‌of bVaults is ‌to‌ benefit users by reducing gas costs and focus on returning a maximum profit to depositors.
We keep at least 1% of bVaults profit to buyback $BDO; which will be burned or being sent to Boardroom or being split to do both (we will call another vote for it).
Apart from the existing 20% newly minted BDO during the expansion: sends 15% to the Community DAO Fund; 3% to incentivise bVaults stakers ; and 2% to bDollar Marketing Fund.
We proposed the community vote FOR, and all the qualified voters are LPs at sBDO/BUSD pool and Boardroom's stakers.
80% left for Boardroom 15% of minted BDO for DAO fund 3% of minted BDO for bVaults incentive 2% of minted BDO for Marketing activities Vote Ended and Implemented.