bDollar Protocol


BDOIP06 - bDollar Improvement Proposal #6 (Improving the Peg to enable expansion) #QmePwuV

Closed - Voted in Favor

BDOIP06 - Improving the Peg to enable expansion


With the successful introduction of vDollar being used as the new oracle, price of BDO has started to range from 0.99x -> 1.00x helping with stability as expected, however this in turn will make it harder to expand, as we move forward in our project.


We would like to propose to slightly lower the target, with a flexible Peg below 1.00x, in order to achieve the necessary expansion while still maintaining stability in the process.

Voting procedure:

We propose the community vote FOR, and all the qualified voters are LPs at sBDO/BUSD pool and Boardroom's stakers.
  • Voting closes at Thu Mar 25 2021 08:00:00 UTC
  • Snapshot at block 5983000

Options to vote:

A: Make the target peg slightly more flexible, helping to reward boardroom stakers:
  • Under 50m: pegged to 1.000
  • 50m+: pegged to 0.998
  • 100m+: pegged to 0.996
  • 200m+: pegged to 0.994
  • 300m+: pegged to 0.992
  • 500m+: pegged to 0.990
B: No change ( Peg will be kept fixed at 1)
Note that if this proposal passed, we will switch from Peg 1.000 to Peg 0.998 Vote in Favor