bDollar Protocol


bDollar Improvement Proposal 01


As the project is growing, for BDO to match sBDO supply and market cap, we would like to execute a community vote to change some parameters for a better performance.
According to the initial rule, if BDO price > 1$ when epoch changes, and if there are no Bond (bBDO) exists, Treasury contract will mint 3% BDO base on the total supply (at the first seigniorage, it's 210k $BDO). If the protocol is in debt phase (Bond exists and greater than BDO in Treasury), Treasury contract will mint 4.5% more BDO of the total supply.
This initial rule can be revised and instead of checking BDO price, we could enforce the first X epochs as an expansion with 3% or 4.5% maximum.
We propose the community to vote FOR, and all the qualified voters are LPs at sBDO/BUSD pool.
A. No change B. 28 first epochs (1 week) with 3% expansion C. 56 first epochs (2 weeks) with 3% expansion D. 28 first epochs (1 week) with 4.5% expansion E. 56 first epochs (2 weeks) with 4.5% expansion
Reference: ESD has this bootstrap period for 90 epochs (30 days), DSD has it for 152 epochs (12.6 days). Snapshot:
Voting ends at: 17:00 UTC December 31st 2020


BDOIP01 ended with the governance (92.56%) favouring option D – 28 first epochs (1 week) with 4.5% expansion.