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Provide Liquidity

Guide to add BDO-BUSD on PancakeSwap & LP tokens on bDollar farming page
Welcome to bDollar! If this is your first time here and you are wondering how to provide liquidty to get a share of the LP farming for sBDO tokens, fret not, here's the guide you have been waiting for. (Currently, you can use BDO-BUSD, sBDO-BUSD and BDO-BNB LP tokens to farm sBDO tokens.)

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bDollar Protocol Home Page
1) First up, head on over to our main page and scroll to the bottom. You'll see 2 click-through links available – "Buy BDO" & "Buy sBDO". Click on either one of those, and you'll be brought to PancakeSwap Decentralised Exchange (DEX) where you can purchase the tokens. Hint: Use BUSD to swap for either BDO or sBDO because that will result in the lowest slippage.
PancakeSwap DEX UI
2) Once you have been redirected to the PancakeSwap DEX UI, click on unlock wallet & you'll be directed to connect your crypto wallet. (Currently, PancakeSwap supports Metamask, Trust Wallet, Math Wallet, Token Pocket, Walletconnect & Binance Chain Wallet). If it's your first time interacting with the DEX, you will need to approve spending of BUSD, afterwards, you can swap accordingly. Hint: Click on the gear icon (top right hand corner) and change slippage to 0.5% to get better swap rates & avoid being front-runned by bots.
Adding Liquidity
3) After swapping, click on the Liquidity tab and then the "Add Liquidity" button.
Adding BDO-BUSD Liquidity
4) Key in the amount you of tokens you would like to supply as liquidity and click on the "Supply" button.
LP Confirmation
5) You'll receive a breakdown of the LP tokens that you are supplying along with its relevant information. Click on "Confirm Supply" once you've ready. Once you've supplied liquidity, you should see an equivalent amount of Cake-LP wallet. Head on over here to use them for farming sBDO tokens.
Farm sBDO Tokens
6) Select the appropriate farming pool for whichever liquidity you have provided.
Pancake BDO-BUSD LP Farm
7) Approve the spending of your LP tokens & deposit them afterwards. Once deposited, you will start to see sBDO being accumulated and you can claim your rewards anytime.
For those who wish to increase the number of LP tokens by auto-compounding your sBDO rewards instead, you can check out or autofarm and deposit your LP tokens in their vaults.
Did you know: In addition to the high yields for sBDO farming, liquidity providers also earn 0.17% of liquidity fees each time someone swaps the tokens that interacts with your LP pair. Click here to find out more.
Video guide (unofficial) from one of the community members of bDollar Protocol.