bDollar Protocol
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BDO - bDollar

bDollar (BDO) is an algorithmic stablecoin running on Binance Smart-chain.

BDO - bDollar

bDollar tokens are designed to be used as a medium of exchange. The built-in stability mechanism in the protocol deterministically expands and contracts the BDO supply to maintain BDO's peg to 1 $BUSD token (which trades closely to a single United States Dollar).
Also, Understand that BDO actively pegs, it does not mean it to be valued at 1 as it is not collaterized . BDO is not to be confused for a Fiat stable that is value at 1.

How the Algorithmic Peg Works in a nutshell

When bDollar is above Peg - it actively pegs down by inflating for sBDO boardroom stakeholders. When bDollar is below Peg - Inflation stops completely and therefore will peg back 1 one by various use cases that can be found below.
Current Use Cases (regardless of Peg) :

Single Token Farming

1. FARM $BFI via bFarms at - 2 - Farm bpDOT at - 3 - Farm bpEUR at - 4 - Farm bpUNI at - 5 - Farm bpXAU at 6 - Farm bpJPY at 7 - Supply as Collateral at - 2 steps - stake at staking page after supply to yield BFI

LP Farming

1. Various LP Options listed in bVaults at 2. Farm $sBDO via Shares at 3 - Farm Cake via BDO-BNB LP Pair (currently live at the point of writing) - 4 - Farm VBSWAP via BDO-VBSWAP LP Pair 70/30 whitelisted at ValueDefi - - Discontinued until further notice 5 - Farm BUSD via BDO-bBDO LP Pair -

Non Farm Utility

1. Play bLucky games- 2. Used for bLottery -