bDollar Protocol

DAO Fund

The Community Fund Managed by bDollar & bEarn's Core Team.
Transparency and Health of the DAO Fund

DAO Fund Contract Address

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The Dao Fund is Our 2nd Assurance on top the bBDO BONDS mechanism on protecting the BDO PEG. BDO Buybacks under Peg are operated by Core Team & will not reveal intentions to prevent being frontrunned by traders.
  • DAO fund has a built-in contract to help keep price of BDO relatively stable and close to 1 $BUSD peg
Anyone can call the public method workForDaoFund() to stake, claimReward, and rebalance between BDO, BUSD and, BNB in the contract. The contract has grandFund() method, later the community can vote to spend funds in the contract for auditors, external devs, supporters, advisors, paid services.
The two most important functions are:
1. claimAndRestake() which claims the vested sBDO to DAO fund and stakes them in the Boardroom contract
2. rebalance() which claims the BDO from the Boardroom contract and checks: - If the protocol is in expansion, it then sells a part of the DAO fund to BUSD and/or BNB. The team has set the current ratios at 50% BDO, 25% BUSD, 25% WBNB. - If the protocol is in contraction, then buys back BDO with a percentage of reserved BUSD and BNB in the DAO fund, with the current ratio is 80% BDO, 10% BUSD, 10% BNB. - The ratios could be updated any time by the community vote via 2 methods setExpansionPercents() and setContractionPercents(). The two functions above are public and could be called by anyone for full transparency.
Currently, the public can only call functions for rebalancing during epoch expansion, but are unable to do so during epoch contraction to prevent manipulation and arbitrage to take place.