bDollar Protocol

bpTokens - Multi-Pegs

Introducing “Multi-Pegs” the evolution of Algorithmic Stablecoin

bpDOT being our 1st in Multi-Pegs :

Peg bpDOT
The TWAP of bpDOT will be subsequently calculated from 2 liquidity pools: rate of bpDOT over BNB and rate of bpDOT over BDO.
To get the final rate of bpDOT over DOT, we use price feeds of DOT/USD and BNB/USD powered by ChainLink oracle services to ensure maximal robustness and efficiency. The rate of BDO/USD will be the latest TWAP of BDO (assumed that BUSD is always 1 dollar).
Expansion Phase happens when bpDOT TWAP above DOT’s Current Market Price in an Epoch with an example scenario:
bpDOT distribution
  • Distribution period: 187 days
  • Stake BDO (highest reward multiplier), sBDO, bBDO and sBFI
  • Initial supply: 250,000 bpDOT
  • First week (7 days): 10,000 bpDOT daily
  • Day 8 to day 187 (6 months next): 1,000 bpDOT daily
  • Reward multipliers will be amended overtime
  • Distribution of bpDOT during Expansion: 60% of newly minted bpDOT goes to DAO, while the rest 40% toward Boardroom Stakers
  • During Contraction (the Debt phase): 50% of minted bpDOT will be sent to the Treasury for bpDOT holders to participate in Coupons redemption; 30% for Boardroom stakers and 20% toward DAO Fund
Reward rate for Shares Pools (Multi-Pegs)
Boardroom with bpDOT expansion reward: From epoch #368 (Fri 02 Apr 2021 06:00:00 AM UTC+0)
We strongly believe with the introduction of this new Multi-Pegs protocol, we will bring forth many benefits to our community, while this being only the beginning, we will continue to introduce in the coming weeks and months even more seigniorage tokens pegged to other popular major cryptocurrencies and also major fiat currencies used in the market.
But not only that we also have many more surprises in store for everybody, some of which are just around the corner, like bLending, bFolio, bLaunch, bPepe (NFT platform), the upcoming AMA with Binance Smart Chain.
And important to remember also, bDollar is getting support From Binance Chain for being selected as TOP 5 MVB projects. Giving the opportunity to participate in Community Vote for direct listing in the Innovation Zone.

Each other Multi-Pegged Algo coin as detailed with our Medium Articles :

2nd - bpEUR :